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    ADECA Program
    Senior Management of
    Food Chain Companies
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    ADECA Program
    Senior Management of
    Food Chain Companies

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A Strategic Thinking Forum for Food Chain leaders

“ADECA” is a Management Development Program and a Thinking Forum. It is designed to help senior managers understand the latest trends in this sector and improve their capacities in order to react appropriately.

It is strongly strategically focused on global challenges, problems and opportunities of the Food Chain (from agriculture to commercial distribution). ADECA is a unique Program within the European Union.

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LENGTH 4 months
PLACE Seville
START April 09, 2024 
DAYS Tuesdays and Wednesdays

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Which are the objectives of the ADECA Program?


We will help senior managers to adapt their business strategies and models in order to take advantage of Food Chain changes and trends.


About strategic and business challenges in Food Chain companies. Understand environmental changes, assess their impact and improve criteria to design the response.


Identify opportunities and get new approaches about the food business through the analysis of current and significant business situations.


Businesspeople, senior managers (presidents, CEOs and general managers) and members of the Board of Directors.


Exchanging approaches among businesspeople and experienced senior executives allow participants to create their own, complete and thorough approach.


With Food Chain businesspeople and top executives in order to develop sound personal relationships and identify business and collaboration opportunities.

Case Study Method


  • Case studies specialized in food and beverage companies and from related sectors.
  • Real and complex challenging business situations similar to those faced by businesspeople and managers in their own companies.
  • Discussions with people from the case studies and in-depth dialogues with CEOs and business leaders to analyze their business model and their response strategies towards food business challenges.
  • The ADECA Program renews most of the case studies every year so as they show the current situation of the issues we discuss in class.


  • GOVERNANCE: A set of models, tools and cross-functional management issues that companies and managers have to master in order to succeed in the current business environment.
  • SPECIFIC STRATEGIC CHALLENGES OF THE FOOD CHAIN: Each link in the Food Chain (primary sector, food processing industry and distribution channels) faces specific strategic challenges.
  • COMMON PROBLEMS AND CHALLENGES: There are common challenges for every link in the Food Chain that must be addressed together with an increasingly collaborative approach.
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The ADECA Program is addressed to:

  • Businesspeople.
  • Senior managers (presidents, CEOs and general managers).
  • Members of the Board of Directors.
  • People responsible for setting up or having a decisive influence on the corporate strategy of Food Chain companies.
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